Monday, March 8, 2010

And On That Day, A Scinti Was Born

Here's to starting 2010 off with a bang! Or, at least, my version of a bang, which sounds more a like a loud POP to the coat-throat, 18-hour workday, wildly ambitious leaders of tomorrow. But for this girl, who likes to work methodically and quietly, a few new clients and communities in a matter of a couple months definitely constitutes a bang.

One of my most recent delights has been the new opportunity to work among the inspirational and insightful bloggers of, a new personal development blog that was born yesterday. As the handy "About Us" page so eloquently explains:

"Scinti is a place to share our stories and unique perspectives on life in an effort to help each other. In short, we want to be the spark in people’s lives. There are many amazing personal development sites out there to help you live a better life and we plan to feature the owners here over time. We would like to complement those sites by sharing our life stories as examples. If there was an official handbook on life, we want to be the real life examples you can reference along with the manual."

So come on down and get yourself sparked!

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