Sunday, April 5, 2009

Clear It Out!

Today was a day of uncertain mood. There was something I did not particularly like about the world when I woke this morning, though I couldn't put my finger on what that was. This feeling of distaste for an unnamed force persisted throughout the day, redeemed on occasion by some good old fashion Spring cleaning.

My brother popped in with his almost-step-son to reinvent our garage as a rehearsal space for my almost-nephew's band. Oh yes. There is to be a garage band at my house. I am that hip.

Mostly, I let the strong menfolk do the work, standing by only to make sure that precious items like sewing patterns and boxes of unused fabric don't end up in the trash pile via the male mind. Before I ran off to the Apple store (bad battery on my PowerBook), Phil and Drew had created two equally enormous piles: keep and throw out. I was impressed. And refreshed. All the garbage that I used to trip over in the garage was about to be gone. All the stuff Phil and I still needed to live our lives would be carefully packed away, but at last accessible. And the space once occupied by broken CD cases and painty t-shirts would now house the instruments and ambitions of my step-nephew and his friends.

Next thing I knew I was clearing out the fridge, reorganizing my "office" area, responding to neglected emails, returning neglected calls, punching out work I'd been avoiding.

None of these things completely melted the sinking in my gut. But even so, I was moving forward, wasn't I?

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